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Comparison and Improvement of Total RNA Extraction Methods from Different Tissues of Polygonatum cyrtonema Hua.  

Ying Zhang2 , Xiaomeng Luo3 , Xingju Luo2 , Shuili Zhang1 , Hong Wang1 , Chunchun Zhang1 , Huiyan Fan1
1 College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, 310053, China
2 College of Binjiang, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, 310053, China
3 Taizhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Taizhou, 318020, China
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Medicinal Plant Research, 2023, Vol. 13, No. 1   doi: 10.5376/mpr.2023.13.0001
Received: 17 Apr., 2023    Accepted: 26 Apr., 2023    Published: 10 May, 2023
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Zhang Y., Luo X.M., Luo X.J., Zhang S.L., Wang H., Zhang C.C., and Fan H.Y., 2023, Comparison and improvement of total rna extraction methods from different tissues of Polygonatum cyrtonema Hua., Medicinal Plant Research, 13(1): 1-9 (doi: 10.5376/mpr.2023.13.0001)


Extraction and isolation of high-quality RNA from Polygonatum cyrtonema Hua. is the basis of research on gene expression, regulation and genetic engineering. For screening the best method of total RNA extraction from different tissues of P. cyrtonema, total RNA was extracted from rhizomes, stems, leaves and flowers of P. cyrtonema by six methods that were Trizol method, CTAB-isopropanol method, RNA pure plant kit CTAB-LiCl method, hot phenol method and improved hot phenol method respectively. The concentration and quality of RNA were analyzed using Subordinate function method. The results showed that the improved hot phenol method was the most ideal for RNA extraction among the six methods. The RNA bands of different tissues of P. cyrtonema were complete and clear, the OD260/OD280 and OD260/OD230 values were between 1.8 and 2.1, the extraction concentration values were between 77.16 and 185.72 µg/g. This study provide a reference for extracting high-quality total RNA from P. cyrtonema.

Polygonatum cyrtonema Hua.; RNA extraction; Improved hot phenol method; Subordinate function method
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Medicinal Plant Research
• Volume 13
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