CAS Institute of Botany Research Team Makes Progress in Development of Peony Flowering Branches
Published:14 Mar.2024    Source:Hortic Res
A research team from the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made important progress in the development of annual flowering branches of peony. 
The research found that the upper part of peony flowering branches has low lignification and withers in autumn and winter, leading to the saying "zhǎnɡ yìchǐ, tuì bācùn (growing one chi (Chinese foot), retreating eight cun (Chinese inches)". Through multi-disciplinary research including histology and physiology, the team analyzed the lignification mechanism and carbon and nitrogen accumulation patterns of peony flowering branches, and discovered different gene expression and plant hormone metabolism between the upper and lower parts. The study also identified 8 key genes that regulate the development of peony flowering branches. 
This research provides a theoretical basis for explaining the "dieback" phenomenon of peony, and lays the foundation for the mechanized harvesting of oilseed peony.