Henan Agricultural University Reveals New Mechanism of Light Signal Regulating Cucumber Spine Size
Published:23 Feb.2024    Source:BioArt
A research team led by Professor Yang Luming/Yang Sen from Henan Agricultural University published a study in Plant Physiology, revealing a new mechanism of transcription factors HY5 and SBS1 mediating light signal regulation of cucumber spine size.
The study utilized positional cloning to discover the key spine size gene CsSBS1. Shading treatment verified that light signal is the main environmental factor regulating spine expansion, and CsSBS1 is a necessary participant in light signal regulation of spine size. Through screening, the team discovered the light signal factor CsHY5 and confirmed it can directly bind with CsSBS1 promoter to promote expression. CsHY5 gene-edited plants had smaller spines and were insensitive to light signal, proving the CsHY5-CsSBS1 mechanism mediating light signal regulation of cucumber spine expansion.
The study discovered the important role of HY5 in mediating light signal regulation of cucumber spine development, perfected the mechanism of spine size morphological formation, and laid a theoretical foundation for cucumber molecular breeding.