Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences Makes Breakthrough in Quality Formation Mechanism of Early-Maturing Pear
Published:23 Feb.2024    Source:Hortic Res
The pear innovation team at the Institute of Pomology of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences published a research paper in Horticulture Research, exploring the molecular mechanisms behind quality formation and regulation of early-maturing pears. 
The study discovered that the transcription factor PpbZIP44 is highly expressed during fruit development and can increase sugar content, improve sugar-acid ratio, and increase amino acid, fatty acid and flavonoid content. Mechanistic studies showed that PpbZIP44 regulates the expression of key genes, affecting primary and secondary metabolism, thereby improving fruit quality. 
This study provides new insights into understanding and improving pear fruit quality. The research findings will facilitate breeding high-quality early-maturing pear varieties to meet consumer demand.