New Mechanism for Banana Fruit Ripening Discovered by South China Agricultural University Team
Published:02 Nov.2023    Source:Hortic Res
On October 20, a research team from the College of Horticulture at South China Agricultural University published a new study in Horticulture Research, reporting new discoveries on the regulatory mechanisms of banana fruit ripening.
The study found that the transcription factor MaMADS1 can directly inhibit the expression of MaNAC083, which suppresses MaNAC083's regulation of key ethylene synthesis genes, weakening the inhibitory effect of MaNAC083 on ethylene production. Further research demonstrated that MaMADS1, MaNAC083 and MaACS1/MaACOs form a transcriptional cascade that jointly regulates ethylene synthesis during banana fruit ripening.
Researchers said this discovery not only enriches our understanding of ethylene synthesis regulation at the transcriptional level, but also provides new insights into the molecular biology fundamentals of fruit ripening. The research findings were published in Horticulture Research.