Single Primer Enrichment Technology: A New Genomic Resource to Investigate the Diversity of Lettuce Germplasm
Published:12 Sep.2023
Recently, a multinational research collaboration in Europe has utilized single primer enrichment technology (SPET) to genotype 160 lettuce (Lactuca sativasamples from 10 countries, which is the first application of this technology in lettuce. The plant materials used in the study were from four European genebanks, including different types and geographical origins of lettuce varieties, breeding materials, and landraces.
The study found that SPET can effectively cover lettuce gene-rich regions and identify a large number of SNPs, which is beneficial for unraveling lettuce genetic diversity. With the abundant SNP data obtained by SPET, the researchers can differentiate lettuces of various types and geographic origins, and identify gene loci associated with traits like seed color, leaf color, leaf anthocyanin content, and early bolting.
This technology can become an economical and efficient tool for phenotypic and genotypic evaluation of lettuce genetic resources. The study is published in Frontiers in Plant Science. It confirms and optimizes the gene loci information for certain lettuce agronomic traits, providing valuable data for elucidating the genetic basis of lettuce germplasm.