Molecular Physiological Mechanism of Amino Acid Transporter CsAAP2 Involved in Cucumber Root Development
Published:08 May2023    Source:BioArt Plant

Amino acid transporters play an important role in the absorption and transport of amino acids in plants, participating in their growth and development. At present, multiple amino acid transporters have been identified and functionally studied in model plants such as Arabidopsis and rice, but so far, there have been few reports on in-depth functional analysis of amino acid transporters in cucumber. 

Recently, a research paper entitled "Disruption of the amino acid transporter CsAAP2 inhibits auxin-mediated root development in cucumber" revealed that CsAAP2, a member of the amino acid transporter family in cucumber, indirectly participates in the molecular physiological mechanism of cucumber root development through the polar transport of auxin. In this study, a total of 86 genes encoding cucumber amino acid transporters were identified in the cucumber genome with the help of bioinformatics analysis.
This study provides new insights and ideas for the role of amino acid transporter family genes in the root development of other plants.