New Progress Has Been Made in the Cold-induced Sweetening Mechanism of Potatoes
Published:08 May2023    Source:Hortic Res

Recently, Horticulture Research published a research paper (Advance Access) entitled “Potato tonoplast sugar transporter 1 controls tube sugar accumulation during postharvest cold storage” by the National Key Experimental Potato Research Team on Germplasm Innovation and Utilization of Fruit and Vegetable Horticultural Crops of Huazhong Agricultural University.

The previous research of the team revealed the mechanisms of important enzymes and regulatory proteins involved in starch metabolism and sucrose decomposition pathways during cold-induced sweetening. On this basis, this study further revealed the important role of the vacuolar membrane sugar transporter protein StTST1 in regulating the process of cold-induced sweetening.
This study revealed the key role of StTST1 in the cold-induced sweetening process of potatoes and proposed a working mode of inhibiting StTST1 to cause sucrose accumulation in the cytoplasm and regulating starch sugar metabolism through the ABA pathway as a signaling substance, providing new insights for improving potato processing quality.