Regulation of Cucumber High-temperature Resistance by bHLH Transcription Factor CsSPT
Published:15 Mar.2023    Source:Horticultural Plant Journal

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.), as an important vegetable worldwide, has the habit of liking temperature but not heat resistance. High temperature has seriously affected the yield and quality of cucumber. bHLH transcription factors play a very important role in regulating plant high-temperature resistance. But the bHLH transcription factor in response to high temperature stress in cucumber has not been reported.

Recently, the Horticultural Plant Journal published online a research paper entitled "A bHLH transcription factor, CsSPT, regulates high-temperature resistance in cucumber" from South China Agricultural University.
In this study, bHLH transcription factors responding to high temperature stress were screened by transcriptome, and the heat tolerance function of important candidate genes was analyzed. The results showed that the expression of 75 CsbHLH genes changed under high temperature stress. Among them, CsSPT gene was induced to express in TT (heat resistant) cucumber plants by high temperature. This study provided important insights for the research of cucumber heat tolerance and the selection of potential targets for heat tolerance breeding.