Study on the Function of the GAMYB Transcription Factor LoMYB65 in Regulating Pollen Development of Lily
Published:09 Mar.2023    Source:Horticultural Plant Journal

Lily is known as the "king of bulbous flowers". However, pollen pollution has always been a key problem to be solved in lily industry. The study of lily pollen development mechanism will lay a theoretical foundation for the cultivation of pollen-free lily varieties.

Recently, the Horticultural Plant Journal published online a research paper entitled "GAMYB transcription factor LoMYB65 from lily plays a vital role in pollen development" by Professor Teng Nianjun of Nanjing Agricultural University. GAMYB is a transcription factor of R2R3-MYB family in response to the regulation of gibberellin, which plays an important role in pollen development.
In this study, a new GAMYB transcription factor LoMYB65 was cloned and identified from lily, which has the closest relationship with AtMYB65 and AtMYB33of the same genus of GAMYB in Arabidopsis. The research shows that LoMYB65 plays an important role in lily pollen development, and the research results will provide important theoretical basis and gene resources for the cultivation of pollen-free lily varieties.