Research on Morphological, Physiological and Molecular Characteristics of The Seedless ‘Hongjiangcheng’ Sweet Orange
Published:30 Nov.2022    Source:Horticultural Plant Journal

The seedless fruit has always been one of the important goals of the citrus seed industry in China and plays a vital role in the citrus fresh food and processing.Seedless Hongjiangcheng’ is an excellent variety with few seeds bred by cobalt-60, which is an ideal material for studying the character of citrus with few seeds.

Recently, Professor Xu Juan of Huazhong Agricultural University published a research paper entitled "Morphological, physiological and molecular characteristics of the seedless 'Hongjiangcheng' sweet orange". In the study, the ‘Hongjiangcheng’ sweet orange (WT) and its seedless mutant (MT) after cobalt-60 radiation were selected to study the formation metabolism of citrus seedless phenotype. Compared with WT, the MT had altered primary metabolite contents, as indicated by GC-MS analysis. The mature pollen of the MT was mostly distorted and shrunken, and the orange mutant exhibited significantly lower fertility than the WT.
This study combined with plant histomorphology, physiology and molecular biology techniques, identified the main causes of seed abortion of seedless Hongjiangcheng and verified the possible related genes, providing theoretical and practical reference for analyzing the formation of seedless citrus.