The New Mechanism of Transcription Factor FD Regulating Citrus Flowering Has Been Revealed
Published:30 Oct.2022    Source:BioArt
Drought and low temperature are two key environmental factors to induce flowering of fruit trees. At present, with the rise of protected cultivation of fruit trees, they have been widely used in fruit cultivation. Drought and low temperature can also induce rapid flowering of citrus. However, the molecular mechanism of drought and low temperature inducing citrus flowering has not been determined.
Recently, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology published a research paper (online) by Research Group of Hu Chungen from Huazhong Agricultural University entitled "A bZIP Transcription Factor (CiFD) Regulates Drought and Low Temperature Induced Flowering by Alternative Splicing in Citrus". This study found that a bZIP transcription factor (CiFD) in citrus forms two proteins (CiFDα and CiFDβ) through selective splicing, which respectively responded to low temperature and drought to promote citrus flowering under low temperature and drought induced conditions.
This study revealed the molecular mechanism of CiFD regulating drought and low temperature induced flowering of citrus, which provided a theoretical basis for the development of flowering regulation techniques and measures in citrus production to affect maturity.