Team of Professor Li Yong Revealed the Genome Basis of Forsythia Evolution and Synthesis of Forsythin and Forsythoside A
Published:24 Oct.2022    Source:Horticultural Plant Journal

Recently, Horticultural Plant Journal published a research paper (online) by Professor Li Yong of Henan Agricultural University entitled "The Updated Weeping Forsythia Genome Reveals the Genomic Basis for the Evolution and the Forsythin and Forsythoside A Biosynthesis".

Weeping forsythia (Forsythia suspensa, Oleaceae) is a deciduous broad-leaved tree species distributed in the warm temperate zone of China. However, the species still lacks a chromosome-level genome. This study assembled the genome of Forsythia suspensa at the chromosome level, revealed the evolutionary history of Forsythia suspensa through comparative genomics, and identified candidate genes in the synthesis path of forsythin and forsythoside A through genome and transcriptome data. 
In this study, researchers improved the previous draft genome of weeping forsythia. And this study will provide genomic resources for the subsequent evolution and breeding research of weeping forsythia.