Shanghai Jiao Tong University Revealed that MsMYB741 is Involved in Alfalfa Resistance to Aluminum Stress
Published:18 Oct.2022    Source:BioArt Plant

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is a perennial herb of Medicago genus in the family of Leguminosae, which is the most widely cultivated leguminous forage in the world. Aluminum (Al) toxicity has a great aluminum toxicity inhibition effect on the growth and development of alfalfa.

Recently, Team of Professor An from the School of Agriculture and Biology of Shanghai Jiao Tong University reported that MsMYB741 is involved in alfalfa resistance to aluminum stress by regulating flavonoid biosynthesis, and revealed the mechanism of MYB transcription factor MsMYB741 to positively regulate the biosynthesis of alfalfa flavonoids and improve the aluminum tolerance of alfalfa. 
The results of their study indicated that MsMYB741 transcriptionally activates MsPAL1 and MsCHI expression to increase flavonoid accumulation in roots and secretion from root tips, leading to increased resistance of alfalfa to Al stress.