Investigation of Brassica and Its Relative Genomes in the Post-genomics Era
Published:07 Oct.2022    Source:Hortic Res

Recently, Horticulture Research published a research paper (Advance Access) entitled "Investigation of Brassica and Its Relative Genomes in the Post-genomics Era", which was completed by the Institute of Vegetables, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science. 

The Brassicaceae family includes many economically important crop species, as well as cosmopolitan agricultural weed species. This paper reviews the rapid research progress in the Brassicaceae family from diverse omics studies, including genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, and three-dimensional (3D) genomics, with a focus on cultivated crops.
The paper has important reference value for systematically understanding the latest achievements of genome research of Brassica and its related species, and guiding the genome research and application of Brassicaceae cultivated species.