Zhang Xiaolan Research Group of China Agricultural University Revealed the Regulation Mechanism of the Fruit Neck Length in Cucumber
Published:07 Oct.2022    Source:BioArt Plant

The appearance quality of cucumber fruit directly affects consumers' desire to buy and the commercial value of products. The demand for appearance quality traits of cucumber fruit varies greatly in different production areas. Therefore, it is of great guiding significance and application prospect to analyze the regulation mechanism of the Fruit Neck Length in Cucumber and other appearance quality to enrich and meet different market demands.

Recently, the Research Group of Professor Zhang Xiaolan from China Agricultural University revealed the molecular mechanism of CsHEC1-CsOVATE module to regulate the fruit neck length in cucumber through the biosynthesis of auxin, which provides a theoretical basis for the breeding of new cucumber varieties with excellent fruit shape, and also provides an important idea for studying the shape variation of bottle gourd fruits.