Nanjing Agricultural University Reveals That the BBX gene CmBBX22 Negatively Regulates Drought Stress Tolerance in Chrysanthemum
Published:30 Sep.2022    Source:Horticultural Plant Journal

Recently, Horticultural Plant Journal published a research paper (online) entitled "The BBX Gene CmBBX22 Negatively Regulates Drought Stress Tolerance in Chrysanthemum", which was completed by College of Horticulture of Nanjing agricultural University.

BBX transcription factors play vital roles in plant growth, development, and stress responses. Although BBX proteins have been studied in great detail in the model plant Arabidopsis, their roles in crop plants such as chrysanthemum are still largely uninvestigated. In this study, researchers cloned CmBBX22 and further determined the function of CmBBX22 in response to drought treatment. Based on the findings of this study, the mechanisms whereby the transcriptional activator CmBBX22 negatively regulates drought tolerance in chrysanthemum via the regulation of ABA response, stomatal conductance and antioxidant responses could be established.
This study revealed the important role of CmBBX22 in the regulation mechanism of chrysanthemum drought tolerance, and provided a theoretical basis for further understanding the molecular mechanism of chrysanthemum drought tolerance.