The Role of CsWRKY29 and CsWRKY37 in Improving Cold Resistance of Tea Plants is Revealed
Published:30 Sep.2022    Source:ChinaTea Science Society

Recently, Beverage Plant Research published a research paper online entitled Characterization of CsWRKY29 and CsWRKY37 Transcription Factors and Their Functional Roles in Cold Tolerance of Tea Plant by the team of Professor Xia Enhua from the State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization, Anhui Agricultural University. 

The WRKY gene family is most widely known as being the key plant transcription factor family involved in various stress responses and affecting plant growth and development. In this study, a total of 86 members of the CsWRKY genes were identified from the tea plant genome. 
This study explored and verified the role of CsWRKY29 and CsWRKY37 transcription factors in improving the cold resistance of tea plants, and provided target genes for promoting the genetic improvement process aimed at enhancing the cold resistance of tea plants and promoting the sustainable development of tea industry.