Research Progress on Vaccinium Breeding of Michigan State University and North Carolina State University
Published:30 Aug.2022    Source:Hortres

The genus Vaccinium L. (Ericaceae) contains a wide diversity of culturally and economically important berry crop species. Recently, a review entitled There and back again; historical perspective and future directions for Vaccinium breeding and research studies of Michigan State University and North Carolina State University published in Horticulture Research.

The topics of this review cover that span taxonomy to genetics and genomics to breeding of Vaccinium berry crops. The researchers highlight the accomplishments made thus far for each of these crops, along their journey from the wild, and propose research areas and questions that will require investments by the community over the coming decades to guide future crop improvement efforts. This review will serve as a valuable resource for the broader Vaccinium research community and serve as a useful roadmap for future research.