New Tool Helps Growers Mitigate Risk and Improve Plant Health
Published:22 Aug.2022    Source:BioPublisher

Healthy plants are integral to human health and well-being, and to the environment that sustains us. To ensure that plants moving in the horticultural trade are free of regulated invasive pests that threaten agriculture and the environment, greenhouses and nurseries are regulated by state and federal authorities. A multi-year effort to modernize plant certification has resulted in a new program known as SANC.

To make the process easier, The Horticultural Research Institute, in partnership with the National Plant Board and the USDA, is pleased to announce the launch of an important new tool for nursery and greenhouse growers seeking to improve plant production processes by identifying hazards (operational areas where plants could be contaminated or introduced to plant pests) and where to apply best practices. Understanding these critical control points helps growers reduce or eliminate risks, paving the way for healthier plants and healthier businesses.