Bhutan Potato Exports Have Yet to Pick Up
Published:23 Oct.2020    Source:Fresh Plaza

Although the Indian government approved potato exports from Bhutan after it listed the produce in its import regulation on October 16, the export of potatoes from Phuentsholing is yet to pick up. There are still problems facing exporters from Bhutan and importers in Jaigaon, while in the meantime, potatoes are rotting in Phuentsholing.


The problem of export of potatoes to India, via Jaigaon (or any other place), which was put on halt more than a week ago, was solved on October 16 after the Indian government approved the import. Along with potato, areca nut, orange, apple and ginger were also sanctioned for export from Bhutan to India as all these produce have been listed in India’s import list from Bhutan.