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Analysis of DNA Barcoding Suitable for Tea Tree Field Genebank  

Yanyan Li , Wei Huang , Jiajia Lin , Chuanpeng  Nie
Wuyi University, Wuyishan, 354300
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Journal of Tea Science Research, 2020, Vol. 10, No. 2   doi: 10.5376/jtsr.2020.10.0002
Received: 03 Sep., 2020    Accepted: 08 Sep., 2020    Published: 25 Sep., 2020
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Li Y.Y., Huang W., Lin J.J., and Nie C.P., 2020, Analysis of DNA barcoding suitable for tea tree field genebank, Journal of Tea Science Research, 10(2): 1-7 (doi: 10.5376/jtsr.2020.10.0002)


With the development of research for DNA barcoding, its application has attracted more and more attention. In this study, 100 tea tree samples were selected as subjects, the partial sequences of chloroplast matK and rbcL genes were used to investigate the molecular barcodes suitable for tea tree The results showed that the rbcL sequences of 100 tea samples were identical, the matK sequences were different, the genetic distance ranged from 0.000 to 0.032, the sequences could be divided into 14 haplotypes, Hd and Pi were 0.604 and 0.23×10-2, at the same time, the construction analysis of the sequence is carried out. The results showed that the matKsequence could be used in the development and utilization of DNA barcoding of tea tree field genebank.

Tea tree; DNA barcoding; Field genebank
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Journal of Tea Science Research
• Volume 10
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