Kiwifruit T2T Reference Genome
Published:08 Jan.2023    Source:Hortic Res

Kiwifruit is a new vine fruit tree with important economic value. Its fruit has a very high vitamin C content and is known as the "king of fruit". China is the origin and distribution center of kiwifruit, and also the largest country in kiwifruit cultivation area and yield. The assembly and annotation of high-quality reference genome has important theoretical significance and application value for the functional genomics research of important agronomic traits of kiwifruit and the whole genome molecular design breeding.

Recently, Horticulture Research launched (Advance Access) a research paper entitled "Telomere-to-telomere and gap-free reference genome assembly of the kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis)". In this study, PacBio HiFi, ONT ultra-long and Hi-C sequencing data were used, combined with the self-developed genome assembly script process, to conduct de novo assembly from telomere to telomere (T2T) of Actinidia chinensis cv. “Hongyang”, the material for the first sequencing of the kiwi genome, and obtain a completely continuous high-quality genome without gaps (no gap or gap free).
The completion of kiwifruit T2T reference genome is a major milestone in kiwifruit genome sequencing research, the ultimate goal of genome assembly, and the most complete kiwifruit genome sequence so far. The high-quality T2T genome provides better reference sequences for downstream gene annotation, and provides basic data for molecular breeding and genetic improvement of kiwifruit.