Tea Genome Variation Database Published by Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Published:28 Dec.2022    Source:CTSS

With the development of high-throughput sequencing technology, the omics data of different tea germplasm resources showed explosive growth. In order to realize the digital identification and management of tea germplasm resources genotypes, the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, together with Lishui Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, the National Academy of Horticultural Sciences of Korea, Ataturk University of Turkey and other units, has developed the tea genome variation database TeaGVD (http://www.teaplant.top/teagvd). 

The database integrated and identified more than 70 million genomic variation sites, 1 229 tea plant resource genotype data, 464 metabolite phenotype data and 17 974 genotype phenotype association sites. TeaGVD provides a friendly platform for the innovative utilization and sharing of tea germplasm resources, and will promote tea breeding into a new era of digital and intelligent design and breeding.